Printed Jackets

Ensure your customers and employees remain warm with this winter with our promotional jackets. Our wide selection of outdoor jackets and coats for both men and women will act as the perfect advertising billboard for your printed or embroidered logo. Whether they're travelling to work, simply going shopping, a walk in the park or attending exhibitions, trade shows or outdoor events on behalf of the company, corporate branded jackets are a stylish choice for any company or organisation. Take a look at our wide range of winter jackets which includes bodywarmers, parkas and softshell jackets which are priced to meet all marketing budgets.

To spend their budget efficiently, companies have to use promotional products that are effective, such as those that will be appreciated by the recipients as gifts and that the recipients will use in such a way as to best advertise the companies’ name, logo and business message imprinted on the giveaways. Branded apparel has proven to be equal to these expectations. It is effective in building brand awareness - and Jackets are no exception. They are worn in cold and wet weather. Motorcyclists wear one whether it is cold or hot to guard against the strong wind. Athletes and sportsmen also wear them. In short, they are in regular use by different people for different purposes.

Promoting companies can also be sure that their company name and logo will be exposed to people because jackets are worn when the wearers are outdoors. Not only will the company's brand name be extensively exposed, it will also be displayed publicly for a long time because outdoor wear is a durable product. They also offer businesses ample space on which to imprint their brand name. They also have the advantage of choosing the types most suitable to their different advertising schemes and target audiences, such as sports, athletics, trainers, winter, summer showers, windbreakers and outdoor fleeces, to name a few. Besides, the prices of branded items are also not prohibitive for their use as publicity tools.

Seeing all these fantastic advantages that they offer, this can be the best bet to gain great success for reaching out to target markets, fostering confidence in a company, maintaining a presence in the marketplace or rewarding loyal clients.