Are you in the shipping and packing industry? Are your potential customers? Whether you cater to the shipping professional or to individuals in business, promotional tape dispensers would be a welcome gift.

If your potential customer visits your trade show booth or attends a seminar hosted by your company, consider offering them promotional tape dispensers as a giveaway. From duct, packing to invisible tape, branded tape dispensers can be imprinted for your particular company and are certain to be used by the recipients on a regular basis.

For anyone who has struggled to tape a package without the benefit of a dispenser, a tape dispenser will be a welcome addition to their home or office setting. And, the handles of those dispensers are the perfect place for your logo and contact information.

If your business caters to office workers, weighted promotional tape dispensers are always a welcome addition. Why not consider offering yours in a fun, bright colour to take the place of the typical standard black ones? This gives the individual a chance to brighten his or her office space with a splash of colour, while using a standard office item. This gives you the chance to place your message on the dispenser and keep it in front of your clients on a daily basis. With weighted custom printed tape dispensers you are even offering a double duty office device: tape dispenser and paperweight.

Due to the nature of some trade shows and the amount of items individuals could be carrying around with them, you might want to consider offering to mail it to them after the event - this also gives you an opportunity to gather contact information!

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