When it comes to giveaways, pens, pencils and magnets are the norm, but how often have you seen promotional staplers being given away? Regardless of whether your customer works from a home office or in a cubicle in a large office environment, the need for a stapler is always there.

Even as more and more offices are going paperless these days, paper still floats across desks, between offices, and in and out of client folders. Sure, a paperclip could to the work of holding papers together, but they can be easily slipped off and your papers are now scattered or inter-mingled. With a stapler, papers are all in one place and are not likely to come apart.

Promotional staplers can be easily imprinted and come in many sizes, with several styles from which to choose. Depending on your industry and the industry that your potential clients operate within, we have staplers that fit every need.

When considering offering branded staplers as giveaways, why not consider ordering ones to go along with that gift? Boxes of staples can also be imprinted with your company message and contact information, providing an additional branding opportunity. This is a unique giveaway and could guarantee that your customers will remember you.

Whether used on a regular basis or not, chances are it will take a prominent position on your potential customers' desks, which means your company information and branding image will be visible to your recipients on a regular basis and will also be seen by those who stop by their desks. This type of repeated contact is just what you need to increase brand recognition.

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