Printed Stress Toy Shapes

Custom printed stress toys and stress balls are used by many people today to alleviate stressful situations without any personality altering drugs involved. The prescription stress relieving drugs offer side effects that can include sleepiness and personality changes that are not always conducive to the workplace.

With so many employees and executives concentrating on their healthy-lifestyle routines today, the whimsical toys are something that your workforce will enjoy receiving as gifts. These soft rubber balls emblazoned with your logo are shaped into meaningful items that can highlight or compliment your industry theme or company product-line or services.

As an example, it is possible to get them in the shape of a cruise ship or a car if these shapes are meaningful to your business. Promotional advertising messages are then printed onto these items so that each user will remember your logo or safety message that is printed onto these eye-catching toys.

The promo relievers are made to be squished in the hand, stomped on, or thrown across the room whenever there is a stress filled moment. While this might sound silly to some people, these mood breakers actually do work. When the mind is concentrating on a stressful subject, when a new topic becomes important to think about, the stressful thoughts are relieved. Toys make people smile; smiles are not stressful thoughts.

These inexpensive products are often stored on top of a desk or in plain sight on a shelf so that everybody who enters the room can see their important messages. The whimsical eye-catching objects make great employee gifts, trade show giveaways, and consumer gifts to all adults who are shopping at your establishment. As you hand them out, it is fun to watch how they make people smile
right away.


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