Liquid Keyrings

Other than their affordability, why is it that companies like to give away custom printed liquid aqua keyrings carrying their name and logo as a promotional item, and people like to receive them as a gift? An imprinted keyring not only conveniently holds a bunch of keys together, but also helps greatly in avoiding a single key from being misplaced. But this, of course, is only the basic usefulness of a promo keyring. There are other uses for this wonderful item, at home and in the office, that make promotional liquid keyrings much more valuable than their inexpensive price might imply. Thus, as a business you can do quite well when using this promo product in your marketing, either to introduce your company, maintain your company's presence in the marketplace, push awareness of your brand or boost your sales.

There are plastic keyrings, stainless steel keyrings, brass keyrings, keyrings and gold-plated keyrings, as well as many other options, but it is the key fob that offers the most benefit to you and the most versatility to recipients when using promotional liquid keyrings. The key fob is the ornamental attachment to the keyring bearing your corporate name, logo and business message in a strikingly attractive design that you have created. The key fob may be a simple plastic circle, or could be in the form a tiny house, a tiny car, a guitar, a calculator, a penknife, a flashlight or a wide array of nearly limitless options, or for a more personal touch, it may also be a picture frame where the recipient can attach the photo of his or her partner or child. And since a custom imprinted aqua keyring is usually carried around by its owner, many people will see your company's name and logo imprinted on the fob.

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